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Rama Capital offers the benefits of trust deed/mortgage investing without the barriers to entry traditionally inherent in this asset class, including real estate experience and personal time commitment. Our asset class combines low volatility, preservation of capital, and investment transparency, while offering attractive returns traditionally associated with higher risk investments. We offer investors the ability to invest in trust deeds through our mortgage fund or through direct investments via our Separately Managed Account (“SMA”) program.


​* The articles below are for information purposes only. The articles and their contents, and any other information on this webpage and website, should not be construed as a solicitation unless accompanied by a Private Placement Memorandum.

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Investment Opportunities

Trust Deed Investment Seminar

10 Minute Overview of Rama Capital and How We Are Differentiated From Our Peers - October 2014

This presentation is a very brief discussion of our investment strategy and touches upon how we distinguish ourselves from other private mortgage lenders.

Trust Deeds as an Alternative Investment Class - August 2014

The topic of this presentation is Credit Strategies and Asset Based Lending with a focus on Trust Deeds as an Alternative Asset Class. A Deed of Trust is synonymous with a Mortgage and this presentation discusses why private mortgage investments are extremely attractive given the scarcity of yield in today’s marketplace. We position the asset class against the backdrop of more traditional/familiar fixed income investments. We also highlight some of the nuances of private mortgage investing as well as how to get exposure to the sector – via a pooled fund or direct investments, and the pros and cons of each method.

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